Fight Like a Girl is the UKs leading Female Only BJJ Competion

Welcome to the FIGHT LIKE A GIRL competition information.


***** MATCHES *****

Matches times are as follow:

- 5 minutes for white

- 6 minutes for blue

- 7 minutes for purple

- 10 minutes for Brown/Black

***** WEIGH IN *****

Weigh in usually takes place once, on entry to the venue.

If the athlete does not make her weight, she will be given until 30 mins prior to her category's scheduled start time to make weight.

- I would very much like to state that I would prefer that no one goes out of their way to cut weight for the competition. -

Please sign up to a bracket that you're able to make comfortably, as whilst I understand that this is a competition, it's also supposed to be a fun and social event also. And I don't know about you, but I struggle to enjoy myself if I'm starving...

***** RULES *****

Fight Like a Girl mainly uses the standard IBJJF rules for the competition matches, with adjusted weight divisions and attire requirements.


They can be found on the IBJJF website here


***** FORMAT *****

The format for these competitions change each time they’re held, as issues with previous competitions are addressed in later events. 

So, on top of the usual Absolute Division for Adult competitors, the following additions are also available for competitors to get extra rounds in:

***** CALL OUTS *****

Each year we have endeavoured to run a fun mat, which has come to be known as the ‘Call Out Mat’. This is usually opened after the children’s divisions have been completed, and is usually on Mat 4.

Do you have a Jui Jitsu Nemesis?

Have you ever wanted to see what it's like to compete against a seasoned veteran of the sport?

Well here's your chance! The Call Out Mat gives you the opportunity to call out anyone at the competition to roll under competition rules!

Fight a friend, fight a higher belt, fight a different weight, on this mat, the world is your oyster!

***** PRE-POST FIGHT FUN *****

Once again, the event will have an Adult Bouncy Castle and a Photobooth for use by all those attending.

***** CHILDCARE *****

A Créche, complete with Bouncy Castle and Ball Pit is usually provided, so you can focus on your fights without having to worry about the younglings!

These facilities are venue specific, so if the venues change, it is likely that other accommodations will be arranged.

***** STALLS ***** 

There are usually a number of vendors at FLAG competitions, they will be listed below if they're not associated to the competition.

FLAG will be selling the usual water, cookies, cake, and T-Shirts, but other vendors will be approached to provide things like Acai and possibly coffee. 


- Rainha Fightwear

- Womma Fightwear


This competition is fully accepting of all LGBT+ individuals, however please note that the following conditions will need to be met for Trans-Women.

     1. Contact the organiser prior to the event, notifying them of your gender status.


     2. Have your government issued ID showing a Female Identifier (Passport, Driving Licence)


     3. 2 Blood Test Records will need to be submitted, showing the registration of a Testosterone Level of below 10 nmol/L.

One from 12+ months ago, another within 2 months of the competition start date.


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